By Java and Dune

Monday, October 11, 2010

St. Petersburg Octoberfest 2010

Central Avenue and 21st Street, St. Petersburg, FL

This was the first annual Grand Central Octoberfest, highlighting an eclectic St. Petersburg business area and celebrating craft brew. There was a good sized crowd of several hundred people waiting patiently for the beer tastings. My husband is a imported and craft beer afficionado so he was able to point out the special brands to me. All those beer guides as Christmas gifts finally paid off. A few food vendors showed up including a tasty taco hut manned by Tijuana Flats. Theme appropriate brats and sausages sizzled on temporary grills. The scent wafted along on a cool Fall breeze and a variety of live music gave the evening a festive feel. The best part was walking along Central and feeling safe. Having grown up in this area, sometimes I take my town for granted. I love the architecture of the buildings and appreciate the people who have come along in the last few years to adopt and take care of them. The Grand Central business district has a lot to be proud of and I'm reminded by this event that these stalwart folks deserve my patronage.

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