By Java and Dune

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cafe Bohemia

937 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL.

How many cafes around the world have the name Bohemia? Wow, that many? Well, no need to travel so far, we have our very own cafe right here in old St. Pete. They might even look similar, a combination of avant garde, bohemian, hippy like. Hard to imagine this downtown until you see it for yourself. No coffee for me this time, although their espresso and homemade pastries are a draw so I will return soon. A friend suggested we meet for lunch at Bohemia and from the extensive menu I ordered a hummus wrap, served with their homemade German potato salad. Delicious. Everything is fresh and lots of vegan dishes on the menu. Catering? Yes. Movies? Yes. Full length films sponsored by St. Pete for Peace are shown on the patio, free. They invite you to bring your own chair since seating is limited.
This is a fun place, nothing flashy, but you're sure to have a good time. Bring an appetite, they're here to please. Wine and beer are available.

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