By Java and Dune

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messineo's Gourmet Market

179 1st Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fl 33701 TEL: 727-895-1500

On entering Messineo’s you can’t help but notice the colorful décor, modern fixtures with an old fashioned market appeal. The staff is eager to please and the overall feeling is ‘this place may be around for awhile.’
No need to search for the coffee and pastry counter. Just like the previous tenant, Atlanta Bread, it’s located just near the front door. Sorry, not too many choices yet, but a variety of tasty fresh bagels. I tried the Flax/ Raisin, delicious. The coffee however, is lacking in flavor with an odd aftertaste. An increase in critical clientele may bring improvement.
Remember now, this is also a market so there are choice cuts of meat, fish, fresh fruits and veggies. Even salads to go. You won’t find that in every coffee shop! Priced by the pound, some of this local produce is cheaper than our favorite supermarkets. With lots of growing room, Messineo’s (hard to remember?) could become a favorite. Wooden tables and chairs reminiscent of Smith and Hawkins await you outside.

The Buzz: Not a big crowd but this new establishment's location next to Starbucks means they must lure people looking for a unique experience.

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