By Java and Dune

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Banyan Coffee & Tea Co

689 Dr. Martin Luther King St., St. Petersburg, FL. 33701 Tel. 896-6100

Careful, you might drive right past this cafe the first time just like I did. Hidden behind the trees, it's an old fashioned American coffee shop with a modern twist and lots of color. A chalkboard menu is a sharp contrast to the colorful fiestaware cups and saucers that line the shelves behind, yes, another long bar. The wooden barstools get filled up fast on a Saturday morning. Not to worry, there are small tables for two, indoors and out. The coffee is Kahwa again, that local brew, but it's not as strong and flavorful as the Kahwa shops. The food is good however, with lots of morning sandwiches to choose from. Although, you have to place your order and pay when you arrive, the Banyan Tree has waitresses who pass by offering to fill your cup….they filled ours twice! For you jazz enthusiasts, Sinatra was singing in the background. Nice place and, we’re told, it's a popular hangout for local celebrities.

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