By Java and Dune

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parkshore Grill

300 Beach Drive NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701


In my world, the Parkshore Grill is often the place for special meet ups with friends and this week was a shining example. My good friend Tracy is moving away and about a dozen or so of the St. Paul's "girls" had a farewell dinner for her. The restaurant staff set up a banquet table for us outside so that we could partake in the buzz that surrounds the sidewalk crowds. I enjoyed Chef Tyson's special pan roasted duck, seasoned with Asian spices and served with rice and veggies. The avocado tempura that accompanied the meal was a delicious first for me. There are wine suggestions listed with the entrees for people like me who recognize some of the wineries, but who are a bit indecisive when a committment has to be made. Those around me enjoyed the Hanger Steak and Fries, the Tomato and Buffalo Mozzerella Salad, Somona Goat Cheese Spinach Dip, and the Beef Carpaccio just to name a few of the menu items. Saying goodbye to Tracy was sad, but as we toasted, someone said, "our paths will cross again, they always do!"

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