By Java and Dune

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ABC Chinese Seafood Restaurant

2705 54th Avenue North #3, St. Petersburg, FL 33714

It sounds crazy, but last week while I was having my birthday pedicure, I received the best tip ever for a Chinese restaurant. The woman who filled me in was decked out in Rays gear (very little interest to me) and was talking to the technician about her upcoming trip to the "orient" (slightly more interest to me.) When she looked over at me and said she loved Asian food, well she had my attention. "Best Chinese restaurant in St. Pete is ABC Seafood," she announced. People nodded politely, yet no one seemed to care but me. It's probably because I have been extremely disappointed with Chinese food in this area. It's either too greasy or too salty or just plain bad, so I've turned to the more modern fusion places for my noodle and fried rice fixes. Since it was my birthday, I told my husband this was where we would go for dinner. My son loves wonton soup so it was an easy sell. When we drove up, the phrase "hole in the wall" came to mind. How many times have you thought this and were suprised by one of the best meals of your life? Once inside, we found a very clean restaurant with a pleasant staff and many enticing smells. We had hope when we saw the fish tanks filled with future entrees much like the restaurants of our Chinatown experiences. Their slogan, "all live and fresh" was true. The mixed seafood platter we ordered was delicious and had a variety of tasty fish and crustaceans. I had vegetarian fried rice which was crunchy and flavorful, infused with some unexpected herbs. The chef uses basil in many of the dishes served, giving the meals a Thai-like twist. Of course, once I discovered this place I started talking to people about it. One of my friends had already been there and felt the bold assertion by the Rays fan (that it was the best) was true. Now I think so too.